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Hi, I am Yogeswari Sugumaran, a teacher turned Empowered Voice Coach. I help Working Professionals achieve Exponential Growth by Building Deeper Relationships.

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My Story.....

My dad always says, “You are born to do great things; you will build schools to help a lot of people.” I did not believe his words until I ended up learning public speaking and coaching.

I realized training people on public speaking and English Language brings me joy. I want to do this for the rest of my life. Hence, empowering souls and building their confidence became my passion. I am a teacher turned Empowered Voice Coach.

Over the last few years, I have worked with many industry experts, trainers, entreprenuers and built Multiple Streams of Income with over 65 Community Members.

I believe that the current Education and Employment system is broken and the only way to fix this is by Empowering Our Voice and Building Deeper Relationships.

What Our community members say?

Thanks to you for helping me and uplifting, to take me to a next level, to make me a better version of me
Love you a lot💖 Wish you a new year full of laughter, learning, and love ❤️ ❤️

Ms. Preeti
Language Trainer

Friendship is the foundation of any relationship. Mam, I am blessed to have a mentor like you. Happy Friendship day.💕 Thank you so much Mam for your support & guidance. ❤️🥰

Mrs. Indira Deb
Founder- Fortune Hi-Tech

As a speaker at the international conference, she held the audience under her full control, interacting with them every second and carrying them along with her throughout her presentation. 

Dr. S. Sreedevi
Associate Professor


In 2020, I Co-Founded The Community For working professionals, coaches & trainers

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